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Are contract copies legally binding

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Copies and faxes of contracts, and scanned or electronically stored versions, are all “good” (valid) contracts and enforceable. Find the answer to this and other Legal questions on JustAnswer. rized copies of all faxes so that they. I recently rented a flat (in the UK) and the letting agency sent me the copy of the contract signed by both parties only by email, in PDF. The file contains both my Dec 13, 2010 - I doubt it, because someone could scan the Fall copy of the contract in and lift your signature (via any number of cut & paste options) and put it onto aWhen do apartment leases become legally binding 7 answers7 May 2014Is a faxed copy of Employment Contract 100% legally 8 answers6 Jul 2007More results from an Emailed contract legally binding? - Yahoo Answers 21, 2012 - To be a legally binding contract you need to have offer, acceptance and consideration also a signature and a date. In fact, contracts are now very They would then snail mail the contract back to me, or if a faxed copy of a contract is legally binding, they could fax it back to me. This would Apr 13, 2012 - Are digitally signed documents legally binding? If the answer here is to send a hand signed copy back to me, would a scanned copy that is The law even allows for the electronic notarization of legal documents. sign and exchange copies of a contract without ever meeting face to face, signing a Today, when faxing a legally sig- mailbox. As a result, the faxed contract has only served as being temporarily binding. IANAL but I work in a large law office where contracts are "executed in counterparts" The problem with copies of any type is that they can be forged. You can email a copy of thethe only requirement for a legally binding contract is that there is an offer,Hand-written contract legally binding?25 posts21 Mar 2003Can an email be a binding contract?33 posts7 Apr 2000More results from boards.straightdope.comIs a scanned copy of a signed contract legal › LegalCachedSimilarQuestion - Is a scanned copy of a signed contract legal binding - DX.
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